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The Arizona Copper Art Museum tells a genuine story, one that marries Arizona’s greatest treasure with world legends and fantastic art by returning copper home to where it all began.

The Story of Copper

Starting in towns like Clarkdale, copper leaves, and then blossoms into an amazing story of the worlds’ most beautiful metal.  It is told through a wonderful idea of combining history and stunning artifacts into truly enjoyable exhibits.

The Copper State

Join us and see a proper tribute to the Centennial of Arizona, and find out why Arizona is nicknamed the Copper State.

What's Here

A massive and incomparable collection of over 5000 works of copper art and architecture of Western European and Northern American emphasis, spanning from 3500 B.C. to present day.

Amazing Galleries

Easily equivalent to most large city museum collections although purposely located in Clarkdale to connect with Arizona’s copper foundation.

Highly rated for things to do in Arizona

Take Photos!

You'll want to share these memories.

Touch the Artifacts!

Completely different than any other museum.

Tells an Untold Story!

One that has never been told, not even by the world’s most famous museums.  One that touches every person and culture... even life itself.  One that is tied to the respective fortunes of both Clarkdale and Arizona; producing over 100 billion pounds of copper.   One focused on what happened to all of Arizona’s copper, and its incredible journey that spanned the globe.  One that makes perfect sense to this community and the Copper State.  


The Arizona Copper Art Museum completes this story and fulfills Arizona’s copper history.

Visitors Say 5 Stars!

Outstanding comments on social media have catapulted this museum into the top 1% of all attractions in Arizona.

Visitors Comments:

  517 Reviews  
  139 Reviews  
  460 Reviews  

Affordable, Pet & Family-Friendly

Enjoyable for all ages and fitting within your budget.  Pet-friendly for those who like to travel with a furry companion.

The Arizona Copper Art Museum features what man created with the metal copper.  The museum in divided up into 7 major categories:


Information Room

Military Art Room

Art & Architecture Room

Religious Art Room

Kitchenware Collection

Drinkware Collection

Distillery & Winery​

Huge 16" tall Italian wine pitcher, circa 1600's. Embellished with decorative figures, animals, leaves and flowers of the period.  Originates from Northern Italian wine region of Tuscany.  Perfect fit into Clarkdale and the Copper Art Museum since we are the center of Arizona's wine country, the artifact is made of copper, and it holds at least 2 gallons...
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