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The main function of the kitchen was for food preparation and cooking, but also included drinking, food storage, dishwashing, and laundry.


Artifacts in this room consist of cookware that was used in open-fires, fireplaces, wood or coal stoves, and gas or electric ranges.  Copper cookware has been used to make anything from jellies to lasagna and is always tin lined to protect from food discoloration and copper toxicity.  Copper is the preferred choice of chefs due to it ability to cook quickly, its uniform heating capabilities, and its lovely color .


Copper cookware has been used by people across the world, to include kitchen staffs, cooks, bakers, candy makers and families.  Top quality pots and pans are sometimes copper bottomed to provide uniform heating without the expensive cost of a solid copper pot, though solid pans are the preferred choice by renowned chefs. Copper is the only metal that has been cooked on for eons.


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